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Dwight, eLearning, friendly, unassuming, direct, normal, explain, concerned, assertive, educational, teacher, instructional, clear, clean, warm, heartfelt, professional, corporate, deliberate, calm, nice, happy
Category: E Learning
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Dwight, character, mean, stern, funny, nasal, quirky, cute, serious, dark, detective, video game, cartoon,
Category: Character Voices
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Concert Montage, High Energy, upbeat, monster truck, rock, big
Category: Concert Commercials
Availability: 10/25/2021 02:16 pm PDT  
Conversational, Sincere, Real, Trustworthy, Friendly, Warm, Inviting, Upbeat, Informative, Confident, Articulate, Knowledgeable, Fun, Millennial, Comedy, Improv, Singing, Energetic, Hip, Sophisticated, Storyteller, Announcer, Youthful, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, No Sexual Content, No Cannabis, No Alcohol, No Firearms
Category: Female Commercials
Availability: 10/25/2021 02:22 pm PDT  
Abe, young, energy, hip, conversational, sincere, urban, enthusiastic, unique
Category: Male Commercials
Availability: 10/26/2021 05:30 am PDT  
Bryan G, Imaging, cool, hip, CHR, News, concert, upbeat, many styles, energy
Category: Radio-TV Imaging ($175.00) 10 Liners
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Dustin, Holiday Specialty Voices - Irish, St. Patricks Day, Leprechaun, Holiday, Halloween
Category: Holiday Specialty Voices
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Morgan_Characters, gravity, authority, humor, mean, OUT THERE cowardly,sinister, variety, threatening, deep, light, menacing, out of the box,
Category: Character Voices
Availability: 10/25/2021 02:17 pm PDT  
Tanya - Commercial Demo: Natural, Professional, Corporate, Smooth, Caring, Upbeat, High Energy, Motivational, Hard Sell, Warm, Friendly, Sexy, Mature, Happy, Serious, Educational, Storyteller, Best Friend, Informative, Enticing, Futuristic, Soccer Mom, Classy
Category: Female Commercials
Availability: 10/25/2021 03:30 pm PDT