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Eugene, eLeaning, explainer,
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Dick, Holiday Special Voices, Irish Paddy, Halloween, Santa, Elf, Easter Bunny
Category: Holiday Specialty Voices
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Bobby, Concert, up beat, edgy, friendly, rugged, national, professional, clean, conversational
Category: Concert Commercials
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Denise, female, auto, car, hard sell, sultry, trustworthy, caring, smooth, clear, luxurious, rich
Category: Auto-Car Spots
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Doug, Calm, Neutral, Informative, care, smile, happy, impactful, easy,
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How to Grow in Your Voice Over Career [ddXvs9HaxT7t7qqt.jpg] It takes a lot of work to break into the voice over industry, but the challenge doesn’t stop there. The key to a lasting, successful career is to continuously improve yourself, your craft, and your ...
Maureen, Husband & Wife, friendly, caring, professional,fun
Category: Male & Female Read Together
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