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Morgan_Commercials, Gravitas. Friendly, Confidence,Sultry. Results. Mature, warm, convincing , believable deep, compelling voice overs

authority and humor uplifting, warm, smile, fun, light, believable,
Elegant, Flat, no expression, Vivacious, Energy, Tones, MONO TONE ,excitement, Thrilling
Category: Male Commercials
Availability: 08/04/2021 08:30 am PDT  
Enda: Concert Commercial Demo - Adrenaline, Hard-hitting, Aggressive, concert, energy, excitement, UK Voice, UK VO, Corporate, Friendly, Warm, Irishvoice, Rich,
Category: Concert Commercials
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... your video the right amount of happiness, sorrow, solemnity or excitement but only a professional can make you feel it. Forget ...
... with pacing as well. Don’t be afraid to add some excitement and emotion in your read when appropriate. The script will ...
Jon G. Authoritative, call to action, excitement, trustworthy, genuine, honest, up beat, conversational.
Category: Auto-Car Spots
Availability: 08/04/2021 06:00 am PDT  
Morgan_CAR SPOTS_ENERGY Gravitas. Confidence. Mature, warm, convincing, believable deep, compelling Energy, PUNCH, excitement , Thrilling,

authority , humor, auto,cars, BIG SOUNDING, Sophisticated, character, cool, hip, smokey
Category: Auto-Car Spots
Availability: 08/04/2021 08:30 am PDT