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Exclusive contract with NBC/CW Las Vegas (cannot voice for other Las Vegas news stations). Girl-next-door, Millenial, wry, sexy, young adult, soccer mom, upbeat, energetic
Category: Radio-TV Imaging ($175.00) 10 Liners
Availability: 09/22/2021 07:00 am PDT  
Michael, Unique Voices. Southern accent,mature, storyteller, documentary, warm, trustworthy, believable, personal, comforting, western
Category: Unique Voices
Availability: 09/22/2021 08:00 am PDT  
National. Intelligent, Sincere, Believable, Upbeat, Real, Powerful, Deep, Movie Trailer, Sports, Authoritative, National Voice, Clear, Conversational, Friendly, Mature, Natural, Trustworthy, Warm, Smooth. Paul is not available for automotive spots in the Little Rock Arkansas area.
Category: Male Commercials
Availability: 09/22/2021 08:00 am PDT  
Genevieve (NEW), youthful, energetic, warm, witty, upbeat, conversational, authentic, young mom, girl-next-door
Category: Female Commercials
Availability: 09/22/2021 07:00 am PDT  
... Headphones 1 Modern computer/tablet with lots of room and a great sound card 1 Acoustically Correct Booth set up! "To add ... and is fantastic to learn on for basic editing and great as a back up recording program. "Other mixers will include ...
National, Wizard, Mad Scientist, Drill Sergeant, Clinton, Robot, Martian, Southern, Hillbilly, Texan, Cheesy, Elderly, Cowboy, New York, Aussie, French, 50s, Vintage, Monster. Insane, Phil Hartman, Troy McClure
Category: Character Voices
Availability: 09/22/2021 08:00 am PDT