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... the project or audition prepping. We make choices and work hard to apply them while we’re performing (while at the same ...
Enda - Auto Demo:Enda, clear, fresh, energetic, special offers, hard hitting, hardsell, hard hitting, car, auto, deep voice, energy, monster truck, big voice, movie trailer, imaging, exciting, intense, cutting, dealer spots, club, night club, concert, event, infomercial, UK Voice, UK VO, Corporate, Friendly, Warm, Irishvoice,
Category: Auto-Car Spots
Availability: 05/07/2021 10:06 pm PDT  
... therefore you need a mixer. This is another place that’s hard to give you only one answer too. Basically mixers are ... sure you clean it up regularly and have an external hard drive to keep moving your files too. If a computer ...
Jerry, Upbeat, Authoritative, Persuasive, Powerful, Hard Sell, Soft Sell, Sexy, Warm, Dramatic, Sincere, Upscale, Monster Truck, Happy, High Energy, Commanding, Compassionate, Natural, Aggressive, Conversational, Manly,
Category: Auto-Car Spots
Availability: 05/08/2021 05:00 am PDT  
Melody, political, serious, thoughtful, sarcastic, passionate, hard-hitting, compassionate, sad, intelligent, concerned
Category: Political Voices
Availability: Now
Donald - Auto Demo: Hard Sell, Direct response, Excited to rich upper line delivery, live.
Category: Auto-Car Spots
Availability: 05/10/2021 06:00 am PDT