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Alyson, On Hold, IVR, friendly, professional, authentic, real, warm, conversational, approachable,
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Internetjock runs its entire business on Wind Power purchased from Wind Farms in Eastern Oregon. Wind Power is Clean Renewable energy. Internetjock recycles 100% of it waste paper, and is proud to be part of the first state in the union to require deposits on its cans and ...
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Keith, Male Commercials, manly, rugged, furniture, diesel products, metal sales, deep, Texas cowboy, upbeat, light to heavy southern, friendly, mature, conversational.
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John H, On Hold, Friendly, Welcoming, kind, Natural, Conversational, Believable, Clear, Understanding
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Toll Free in the USA (877) 646-4163 * Press 1 for Customer Service * Press 2 for Accounting * Press 6 for Recording Pronounciations * Press 9 for General Manager Hours: ...
... and run thru about 20 minutes of morning stretches and light cardio. I'm not an exercise fanatic, but I find that ...
John H, Narration, conversational, real, friendly, Interesting, Trustworthy, knowledgeable, relatable, Clear, understandable, animated, interested.
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