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Bobby, eLearning, explainer, smooth, classy, strong, narration, professional, casual, conversational, clean, power, dynamic, precise
Category: E Learning
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National, Wizard, Mad Scientist, Drill Sergeant, Clinton, Robot, Martian, Southern, Hillbilly, Texan, Cheesy, Elderly, Cowboy, New York, Aussie, French, 50s, Vintage, Monster. Insane, Phil Hartman, Troy McClure
Category: Character Voices
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Erik, Male Commercials, Natural, Conversational, Funny, Next door neighbor, Easy going,Warm, Diverse, Soft to Hard sell, Authoritative, Sports, Gritty, Energetic, Automotive, Versatile.
Category: Male Commercials
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Jon G. Authoritative, call to action, excitement, trustworthy, genuine, honest, up beat, conversational.
Category: Car Spots
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