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female commercials, engaging, professional, warm, mother, wife, upscale, real, conversational, friendly, young adult, middle-aged.
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conversational, friendly, knowledgeable, expert, refined, upbeat, energetic, excited, explainer video, e-learning, educational, instructional, guide, youthful, middle-aged, millennial, soccer mom
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Ryan D Narration - Peaceful, natural, corporate, real, intelligent, Medium tone, e-learning, web, documentary, medical, soft sell or hard sell, twenty something, thirty something, conversational - from very soft to authoritative. Young sound
and laid back to middle-aged. Easily connect to Gen X and Gen Y.
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Eddie, Male-Narrations, Audio Books, Narration, Narrator, natural, young adult, cool, relaxed, authentic, friendly, informative, quick, optimistic, articulate, reassuring, middle-aged, mature, deep, smooth, sensual, academic, medical, genuine, engaging, connective
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