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Politicians, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Comedic Cupid, Santa Claus, Ornary Cowboy, Irish Leprechaun, Mobster, The Godfather, Tony Soprano, Sylvester Cat, Bugs Bunny, New York dialect, New Jersey dialect, Boston dialect, Columbo, Police Detective, Marine drill sergeant, Dracula, Alfred Hitchcock, New Year, St. Patrick’s Day, April Fool, Easter, Uncle Sam, July 4th, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, video game character.
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Wendy - Character Voices, accents, Russian, New York, New Jersey, southern, animated, ditzy, princess, childlike, video games, movies, products, television shows, child, teen, teenager, toothbrush
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... Media "Making this commercial was my first dealing with a new agency. Kind of nervous, but Internet Jock came thru with ... think we will be able to use one of these new ones. You guys have been the best to work with." ... smoothly and the results sounded great. Best," -- George D New Jersey "Just wanted to say you guys are awesome! Credit ...