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Stuart, profound, thoughtful, rich, insightful, newsy, warm, strong, mature, authoritative, conversational, caring, sincere, classy, funny, professional, sophisticated, passionate, Jones style, Freeman style, Elliot style
Category: Male Commercials
Availability: 05/28/2019 12:00 pm PDT  
Not Available in Reno/Sacramento/Shreveport markets.Kelly,energetic, edgy, strong, smooth, luxury, deep, deadpan, fast, hard, soft, everyday guy, manly
Category: Car Spots
Availability: 05/27/2019 06:00 am PDT  
Bryan, Auto, upbeat, friendly, young, smile, hard sell, soft sell, intense.
Category: Car Spots
Availability: 05/28/2019 07:30 am PDT  
... run 15, 30 or 60 seconds. You cannot combine several spots and call it one spot. We bill based on the ... amount of spots you order. Additional charges apply for spots sent where we need to time a video to match ... re-do unless you change the copy or direction. Tags or Spots Tags usually run 15 seconds or less. Spots run longer ... seconds. You cannot count a number of tags or short spots as a 30 or 60 second spot. These are separate ...
Morgan_Concerts, gravity, authority and humor,Heavy, light, attitude, Rock, Jazzy, country, Bad Ass, high energy, Tuxedo, elegant,
Category: Concert Commercials
Availability: 05/27/2019 08:30 am PDT  
Heather, Phone Tags, professional, clean, caring
Category: Specialty Pricing
Availability: 05/28/2019 05:00 am PDT  
Bonnie, Political Voices: professional, savvy, convincing, positive, understandable, warm, smooth delivery, announcer to mom next door, compassionate, inspiring
Category: Political Voices
Availability: 05/27/2019 07:00 am PDT  
Tanya - Auto Demo: Classy, Exciting, Luxurious, High End, Compelling, Upbeat, Informative, Mom, Soccer Mom, Hard sell, Emphatic, Urgency, Attractive, Professional, Real, Conversational, Believable, Mature or Young Adult
Category: Car Spots
Availability: 05/28/2019 05:30 am PDT  
MIchael E, Not available for Rodeo or hunting related spots, Infomercials, Announcer, Real Person, Old time announcer
Category: Infomercials, Voices, Voice Overs
Availability: 05/27/2019 05:30 am PDT  
Melody, on-hold, friendly, smart, cheerful, calm, informative, relaxed, sophisticated, bright, real, energetic, sultry, businesslike
Category: Voicemail On Hold Message
Availability: 05/28/2019 05:00 am PDT