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Michael,. Voicemail On Hold Messages. Professional, Articulate,friendly, helpful, listenable, pacing, enunciation, knowledgeable.
Category: Voicemail On Hold Message
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Michael, Unique Voices. Southern accent,mature, storyteller, documentary, warm, trustworthy, believable, personal, comforting, western
Category: Unique Voices
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Michael, Holiday Specialty Voices. Halloween, storyteller, Santa, warm, magical, family, home, cozy. , haunted, ghost, goblin.
Category: Holiday Specialty Voices
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... loudly, delivering the entire rhyme, perfectly. Apparently she knew “the show must go on!” ”Soon after she began taking Children's Theater ... the art sound studio, and learned the tools of the trade from both parents. “Balancing VO work with college has definitely ...
Michael E Learning, Mature, Warm, Authoritative, Trustworthy, Friendly, Expert, teacher, guide.
Category: E Learning
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... also find this type of voice over work used during trade shows, award shows, graduation ceremonies, and more. Audiobooks There are ...
Michael , Male-Narrations, Audio Books.Documentary, unique, storyteller, dramatic, trustworthy,friendly, sincere, honest, believable, authoritative
Category: Male-Narrations, Audio Books
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Michael, Character Voices. : Sam Elliott style, western, unique, cowboy, rancher, farmer, mature, Halloween
Category: Character Voices
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Michael , Male Commercials, Down home,storyteller,warm, sincere,trustworthy, grandpa,mature, comforting, real, friendly.
Category: Male Commercials
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