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Tanya, eLearning, Professional, Engaging,Knowledgable, friendly, mature, natural, conversational, educational, informative
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Enda - Auto Demo:Enda, clear, fresh, energetic, special offers, hard hitting, hardsell, hard hitting, car, auto, deep voice, energy, monster truck, big voice, movie trailer, imaging, exciting, intense, cutting, dealer spots, club, night club, concert, event, infomercial, UK Voice, UK VO, Corporate, Friendly, Warm, Irishvoice,
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I asked her Mom, InternetJock Dana how she became a vo talent, and she shared a bit about how Nicole got ... it professionally, she will continue to be a part time VO talent.” We got a little different perspective from Erin, a ... learned the tools of the trade from both parents. “Balancing VO work with college has definitely been a challenge to say ...
Erin, narration, friendly, young, 20s, college age, energetic, vibrant, personality, range
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Mandy - Narration Demo:
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