Customer Testimonials

Michael C. was quick and excellent!  He nailed the feeling perfectly.  Will definitely use him again!


Hey John M, I just want you to know that you're awesome. It has been a pleasure working with you. I have been so pleased with your work as well! Thanks so much for your professionalism and thoroughness in these reads. You make my life a little less difficult. That is all, no issues!

Jessica P

Dustin seriously just blew me out of the water on the order he submitted. Super fast, super professional, and exactly what I wanted. A+!

You guys really do have the best customer service!


I know I've said this 100 times but Genevieve is the absolute BEST! I can always count on her for ANY project. She is amazing in every way. Please send on my sincerest gratitude and appreciation. InternetJock employee of the year! Genevieve rules! 


Please pass a HOLY COW on to Dustin as he nailed his VO and I loved his various takes.  WOW!!!!


Thank you for rocking our non-budget. In short, well produced professional work that I recommend without hesitation. Put that together with rapid delivery, and continuous E Mail communications that assured the order would be exactly, precisely what I needed, and my experience with Internetjock gets you 10 stars out of  5 stars... quality work indeed. Thanks, I look forward to calling on y'all next time I need great production... and at a rather affordable price.


John L

Mike T's post production work on my liners turned into sweepers tailored specifically for each liner. In short, well produced professional work that I recommend without hesitation.



The voice work by Dean was just what I was looking for, a certain sound and style that he delivered expertly.


As always, I like what she's done for me.


I want to say that Bobbi gave me great reads as usual!


I just wanted to say that I am consistently impressed with Dean's work. His turnaround time, script accuracy, and tone consistency are unmatched. Only 5 minutes passed between my order generating an invoice and final delivery of Dean's reads and both spots are flawless and exactly what I was looking for! That kind of dependability means a ton in my line of work; thank you!


Genevieve is the best there is! Please pass on my sincerest gratitude to her.She always delivers gold EVERY TIME and in record time!I love working with her, and continue to tell everyone how wonderful she is.If you have a holiday bonus, she deserves it! Kudos to Genevieve! The best in the business.

Derek L.

Bragging on Heather!!Wonderful!!  Lickety-Split turn-a-round... and a beautiful job.  So many perfect takes, it'll be hard to choose which one to use. Please forward our kudos to Heather for us!! BTW:  We've been internetjock fans ever since y'all hit the web. Sure, the cost of business has caused the rates to rise a smidge, but you're still VERY reasonable for TOP QUALITY Voice Talent.

Jim S

“Internetjock ROCKS! Fast, Affordable, Easy is a short list. I’d add Professional, Friendly, Engaged and Experienced.

The staff at Internetjock is a delight to work with.

Sam B.

what an incredible job and turnaround on this order. I was expecting delivery after Labor Day, but he made it happen in less than 10 minutes!


Please let Brian know that he did an awesome job on the recent order I did.  Thanks Brian, it sounded great!  You give the spots we do such a professional feel!  I appreciate all you do.



"Bobbi didn't just read our script, she brought it to life! From adding emphasis on​ key words to the cadence of her voice, Bobbi exceeded my expectations and delivered a great voice over. Thanks so much!!!"

Drew P

Platform was super easy to use. Talent was amazing. Homerun with our client so a win all the way around!


Ah, fantastic! Really impressed by the entire experience. Excited to share with the team. Thanks again, and yes, we'll definitely keep you in mind for future projects.


YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!! This is exactly why I recommend this to everyone in the industry and why I will continue to use you in the future. Thanks again for the fast turn around time. Seriously, you both deserve a beer for this one. Thank you again so much!

Ryan Pankoke
BluePrint Advertising Agency