Customer Testimonials

Please let Brian know that he did an awesome job on the recent order I did.  Thanks Brian, it sounded great!  You give the spots we do such a professional feel!  I appreciate all you do.



"Bobbi didn't just read our script, she brought it to life! From adding emphasis on​ key words to the cadence of her voice, Bobbi exceeded my expectations and delivered a great voice over. Thanks so much!!!"

Drew P

Platform was super easy to use. Talent was amazing. Homerun with our client so a win all the way around!


Ah, fantastic! Really impressed by the entire experience. Excited to share with the team. Thanks again, and yes, we'll definitely keep you in mind for future projects.


YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!! This is exactly why I recommend this to everyone in the industry and why I will continue to use you in the future. Thanks again for the fast turn around time. Seriously, you both deserve a beer for this one. Thank you again so much!

Ryan Pankoke
BluePrint Advertising Agency

Thank you! You folks are the best, Thats why I don't go anywhere else.

Rick Ward

Wow. My team was really impressed-- you nailed it. We'll definitely be working with you in the future.

Phil Morton

Thank you very much, so far I am very satisfied with archers performance and Internet jocks flexibility. Many thanks!

Shari N

Wow! What a difference! Melody, you were exactly what we needed, and precisely who we had in mind when this video was being planned. Really, really nice job. Thank you Melody and Derek for being so accommodating. We’ll be back!

Evan Gerberding

Wow thanks Derek! You guys are awesome to work with and I love how quick you turn everything around.

Deb Herman

Excellent! Sounds great, and very fast turn-around. Thank you again guys for a great job!

Arik Bannister

We use internet jock for at least 85 percent of our voice overs. They have the quickest turnarounds and most professional voices.

William Young

There is absolutely no issue with this other than you NAILED IT!! Also a huge thanks for getting this back to me so quickly as I was in a time crunch!


You are awesome and I hope you have a fantastic holiday!!


Just thought I would reach out. I'm a satisfied customer!!

Seth Stringer

Wow! A HUGE Thank You to Morgan and to the team over there! My problem is, of course, Operator Error on a fairly simple web transaction. but you guys were ALL OVER helping me out of a jam. Love the business model and love the service. Can't say enough good about ya!


I just want to say thank you to everyone on the staff at Internet Jock for getting this 5 Spot project done! Great job!

Ron Scirrotto
JVS Media

Making this commercial was my first dealing with a new agency. Kind of nervous, but Internet Jock came thru with outstanding VO and of course, client and agency approved! You guys make my job easier, thanks!

John Allen

Debbie - Thanks for going above and beyond. I appreciate it very much!! I think you're voice is VERY sexy. I think we will be able to use one of these new ones. You guys have been the best to work with.


I just wanted to let you know how terrific the jocks were that I worked with this week. Dean, Jeremy and Melody were, to a person, easy to work with, were able to make adjustments easily and gave me exactly what I needed. I'm sure when people have problems they speak up, so I just wanted to speak up when everything went smoothly and the results sounded great. Best

George D
New Jersey