How to Grow in Your Voice Over Career

It takes a lot of work to break into the voice over industry, but the challenge doesn’t stop there. The key to a lasting, successful career is to continuously improve yourself, your craft, and your business. This might mean constantly sprucing up your resume, creating outstanding relationships with clients and colleagues, or keeping an analytical eye on industry trends. If you’re looking for the next step in pursuing your dreams, check out this guide for how to grow in your voice over career.

Career Plan

Every professional occupation needs a solid business plan. This doesn’t have to be extremely fancy or even take you a long time—just write...

9 Tips for Starting a Successful Voice Over Career

As kids, many of us dream of becoming famous actors. From dazzling movie stars on the red carpet to the hilarious voices behind our favorite characters, it’s extremely common to consider pursuing a career on the big screen. Of course, most of us find other dreams and careers, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave acting completely behind. In fact, a career in voice over acting might be more obtainable than you think. Here are nine tips for starting a successful voice over career.

Train Hard

As with any goal, you have to put in plenty of effort. Many people see voice over acting as little more than fancy talking, but there’s a lot more work that...

4 Vocal Care Tips for Voice Over Actors

As a voice over actor, your voice is your instrument. To take care of your craft and your career, you first have to take care of your voice. When you post your voice over services online, it’s important to stay healthy and keep your skills in shape so you’re ready to go anytime a client reaches out to you. Here are four vocal care tips for voice over actors.


Warming up is an essential step to any audition or recording session. Humming, trilling, and other vocal exercises...

Guide to the Voice Over Recording Process

A quality voice over can completely transform a project. Whether your goal is to bring a character to life or to really connect with your target audience, a voice over actor can provide a huge asset to your work. If you want to include a professional voice over performance in your project, check out this guide to the voice over recording process.

Hire the Right Actor

The first step to any acting job is to hire the right person. Consider your vision—the desired tone, target audience, and overall message—and find a voice over talent to match. You can search 

The Importance of Voice Overs in Marketing

In our growing world of business, advertising, and media, marketing trends are always changing. However, one thing that isn’t changing anytime soon is the importance of voice overs in marketing. The skills and personality that voice over actors possess can help your product or service reach as many people as possible. The right voice over can give your business the results you need.

Online Efficiency

People are spending more and more of their time online. They connect with others, catch up on the news, and do their shopping on the internet. Customers can find whatever they want with the click of a button, so you must be able to grab and keep their attention...

Different Types of Voice Overs

Some people may hear the term ‘voice over’ and only think of a single, broad genre of work. However, voice over opportunities are as diverse as they are numerous. Someone who is perfect for hosting a radio station might not be a great fit for narrating an infomercial and vice versa. When looking for a voice over actor for your project, it’s important to know which of the different types of voice overs is the right fit. Consider the intent, tone, and target audience for your project as you explore what kind of voice over work you want to use.


There are endless tones, styles, and formats for commercials, which means there is also...

4 Benefits of a Voice Over for Your Project

From short films to business ads, you want your video to be the best it can possibly be. Hiring a voice over actor can give your project a leg up when it comes to creativity, professionalism, or audience approval. No matter what your budget and goals are, there are many benefits of a voice over for your project.

Enhance Your Script

A voice over actor can do wonders for your script even before they speak it out loud. They provide another mind and a creative influence on the project. If you are open to new ideas and input, let your voice over actor try new things as they record. Improvising or even just saying things a different way can change your script in ways you...

Choosing the Right Tone for Your Voice Over

When it comes to voice over, the way you say something is just as important as the actual words you use. This is why creating and delivering a proper tone is one of the most valuable things you can do for your project. As you plan and hire for your next movie, commercial, or another project, consider these tips for choosing the right tone for your voice over.

Know Your Message

You can’t figure out the proper tone until you determine exactly what you want to say. You want to finalize your script and know its intentions and have a strong grasp of the image and reputation you want to achieve. If you want to appear relatable, you’re going to want a casual,...

9 Tips for Choosing the Right Voice Over Actor

You have your idea, your setup, and your script; now it’s time to hire a voice over actor. This person plays a vital role in your project. They can either make it fall flat or take it to possibilities you never even considered. That’s why these tips for choosing the right voice over actor are important to keep in mind when you hire for your next project.

Know Your Project

The first thing you need to do, even before you start looking for voice over actors, is figure out what exactly you need in a talent. When you know your ideas and goals for the project, finding the perfect fit for the role becomes much easier. Nail down the tone and emotions you...

6 Audition Tips for Voice Over Actors

Every time you get ready for another audition, you can probably feel the pressure. From the casting team you perform for to the countless other actors vying for the role, it takes some work to impress everyone and land the part. Whether you’re just getting into the industry or you’re a seasoned voice actor who wants to improve, we provide some essential audition tips for voice over actors.

Learn the Part

Always do your research. This will help you understand and personalize the role, as well as limit any mistakes in the audition. Take time to look up the company and the director. Showing your interest in the role on a deeper level will catch a casting...