How Should Voice Overs Be Used in Ads

Many companies use voice overs in their advertisements to create a stronger message. While this is certainly valuable, it takes more than mixing some audio to make an effective voice over ad. There are several things to keep in mind when creating your advertisements. To help you create a meaningful, relevant message for your audience, here’s our guide for how voice overs should be used in ads.

Convey Clear Information

Businesses hire voice over actors to convey information to their audience. While a good voice over performance also helps capture attention or entertain your audience, conveying information is the most important part. You want a voice...

7 Tips on Selecting a Narrator for Your Audiobook

An audiobook is an excellent way to take your story to the next level. No matter what you’ve written—high fantasy, field research, or anything in between—an audiobook lets you breathe new life into your book. With online stores and collections, audiobooks are an extraordinarily accessible medium that helps bring your words to new audiences. However, a good portion of your audiobook’s success relies on your narrator’s talent. They must be concise, appealing, and pleasant to listen to if you want to hold readers’ attention and draw them into the contents of your book. Choosing a narrator is an important step for your audiobook. To help you make the best decisions,...

How to Choose an E-Learning Voice Over Actor

The e-learning industry has helped transform education. From remote lectures to job-specific lectures, e-Learning provides an efficient and accessible way for people to learn. A lot goes into making an e-learning program a success, but one of the most important aspects is your voice over actor. You can’t use just any voice for your online course. Your e-learning voice over actor must be succinct, engaging, and knowledgeable. Without a quality voice over, your audience will quickly lose interest and gain nothing from your course. In order to make your program the best it can be, you need to know how to choose an e-learning voice over actor. To help you out, here are some...

What Influences Voice Over Rates?

If you’re looking for the perfect voice over actor for your project, you might have noticed that everyone’s rates are different—sometimes extremely different. This is because voice over work, like many art forms, relies on several different factors, such as recording time or the type of content you create. When you know what influences voice over rates, you can find a fair deal for everyone involved in the project, creating a collaborative and supportive team from the beginning.

Time Frame

As with most jobs, the scheduling and time frame play a major role in pay rates. Most voice over actors charge based on the word count of the script...

Voice Over Terminology You Need to Know

The voice over industry is full of jargon and terminology. The phrases thrown around in a recording studio might sound like plain gibberish to the untrained ear. It’s important to stay on top of voice over terminology so you can effectively communicate what you need for your project. To help you get started—or refresh your knowledge—here’s some voice over terminology you need to know.


ADR, or automatic dialogue replacement, is the process where your actors have to replace a scene’s original dialogue in post-production. You might need ADR when a shot’s audio isn’t clear. It’s also used for dubbing lines...

Qualities to Look for in a Spanish Voice Over Talent

With any voice over project, it’s important to choose a voice over actor who relates and appeals to your target demographic. Language, dialect, and accent play a huge role in this. If you want to target a certain audience, you probably want to advertise in their native language—it’s just common sense. As the second most common language in the United States, Spanish is in high demand for advertisements, films, and more. A Spanish voice over actor is essential in connecting with your Spanish-speaking audience. If you’re hiring for your next project, be sure to remember these qualities to look for in a Spanish voice over talent.

Look for Native Speakers


Male vs Female Voice Over Acting: The Benefits of Each

When it comes to your project—be it an advertisement, film, or something in between—you want to make sure you hire the perfect voice over actor for the job. You must carefully consider your target audience and the message you want to give them so you can find a voice to match. When choosing a voice over actor, many people ask themselves whether they should choose a man or a woman for the job. To help you find the perfect fit for your project, here’s our guide to the benefits of male vs female voice over acting.


Both male and female voices have certain standard characteristics. Male voices are generally deeper, and listeners tend to view male voice...

4 Elements of a Successful Radio Ad

Radio is a traditional advertising medium that has stood the test of time. It remains an effective marketing strategy for businesses today. If you’re looking for a way to promote your business to countless listeners—and potential customers—radio ads might be the perfect solution. To help you grab attention and make listeners remember you and your business, here are the four elements of a successful radio ad.

Outstanding First Impression

With so many different radio stations to choose from, it’s all too easy for listeners to turn the dial and leave your advertisement behind. This is why your radio ad must make a great first impression. If your audience...

3 Vocal Exercises to Train Your Acting Voice

Just as artists have their pens and musicians have their instruments, voice over actors have their voice as their most important tool. Vocal exercises help voice over actors stay in shape and build their skills. From warming up before a successful audition to learning new techniques to improve your recordings, these practices can have a positive effect on all parts of your career. Here are some of the top vocal exercises to train your acting voice.

Tongue Twisters

Tongue twisters are a good exercise to improve articulation. Choose several tongue twisters and say them out loud, slowly, and focus on pronouncing each word clearly. Build up speed as you repeat them but keep...

Elements of a Great Voice Over Demo

A voice over demo is a way to shamelessly promote yourself and your best work. It shows potential clients who you are and what kind of work you can do. A successful demo can help you find a good agent or land your dream role—all you have to do is make it. There are a few ways to make your demo the best it can be. From the right material to reliable equipment, here are the elements of a great voice over demo.

Solid Material

What you’re saying is as important as how you say it. Your voice over demo should have several different spots, each around 5 to 20 seconds long. While you want to demonstrate your range of talent—as well as your biggest strengths—start...